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Some great new “Disaster Zone” volcano hazards educational resources from Oxford / vHub

“Disaster Zone”, a natural hazards educational resource. Including: Volcanoes Poster Series (13 posters providing a comprehensive introduction to volcanoes and volcanic hazards) ( Hazards Posters (an introduction to earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and tornadoes)( Deadly Quiz (96 questions on natural hazards) … Continue reading

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Volcandpark Congress 2012

Volcandpark Congress will be held from May 21-25th 2012 in Olot, Spain.  It is the first congress to be devoted to the management of protected volcanic areas.  It aims to act as a forum for debate and thought that will provide … Continue reading

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Crystals Improve Understanding Of Volcanic Eruption Triggers

The team, from Durham University and the University of Leeds, studied crystal formation from a volcano, in Santorini, in Greece, to calculate the timescale between the trigger of volcanic activity and the volcano’s eruption. Lead author Dr Victoria Martin, of … Continue reading

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World’s Largest Vinegar & Baking Soda Volcano

Super cool project from just across the state… Now, I want to top it…

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Eruption Column Demonstration

We were recently shown a paper by Karen S. Harpp, Alison M. Koleszar, and L. Dennis Geist that presented instructions for the safe demonstration of an explosive volcanic eruption.   In less than a second, the explosion carries up to 20 … Continue reading

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