Hello everyone and welcome to the VW Supplement!

This blog was started in 2007 and is one of the oldest and most popular volcano related blogs on the internet.  At that time, I was the webmaster for Volcano World and this blog was originally created to help take some of the website content and get it to a larger audience.   Eventually, VW went a different route and the WordPress blog was abandoned.

Now that I’ve graduated, it’s time for the formal work on VW to move on to other people, but I decided to revive this blog on my own as a way of staying involved on a volunteer basis.

Volcano World (http://volcano.oregonstate.edu) itself is still going strong at Oregon State University and everyone there is still working hard at updating all of the content.   (when I took over, VW had over 12,000 html pages!!!)  They are currently working on modernizing the lesson plans for educators and VW will always remain one of the largest online sources of volcano related information there is.  I will point you there often.

Nonetheless, I should state clearly that this blog has no official connection to Oregon State University or VW beyond that I still volunteer with VW and that posts here are occasionally mirrored on the VW front page.

The weekly GVP eruption reports are now distributed from the Smithsonian via a RSS site feed.  It seems pointless to manually copy them directly here, as we were doing before, so instead I’ve set up a feed block on the front page to carry their latest reports.

This is also not really a place for hazards information, though I may carry some from time to time.   Always check with your local authorities.  If you’d like a blanket answer… then – NO, erupting volcanoes are not safe.

Robert Peckyno

Finally, I’d like this to start being a conversation and hope to start allowing comments and showing off your contributions as much as is practical.   (there’s more time involved with that than I have, but I will try!!)

Robert Peckyno

Questions or Comments?

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