Volcandpark Congress 2012

Volcandpark Congress will be held from May 21-25th 2012 in Olot, Spain.  It is the first congress to be devoted to the management of protected volcanic areas.  It aims to act as a forum for debate and thought that will provide a link between knowledge of vulcanology and territorial planning and awareness in the people who work in these volcanic landscapes (national and natural parks, natural reserves, etc.).

The abstract presentation period for those who wish to present an oral communication or poster will close on February 13. Abstracts for submission should be sent to secretary@volcandpark1.com with “Comunicacions Volcandpark” in the subject line, along with the following information:

1. Title of the communication
2. Author: SURNAME, followed by first name
3. Institution the author represents
4. Name of the person who will present the communication
5. Type of presentation: only poster OR poster and oral communication
6. Contact information (e-mail and telephone)
7. Date of session the author wishes to contribute to
8. Text (maximum 300 words)

Participants can register for the Congress on-line at www.volcandpark1.com and that the period of reduced registration fees ends on March 20.

Full details of the Volcandpark Congress (board and lodging, transport, programme, etc.) can be found at www.volcandpark1.com

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