On Orbits

Hey all,

I usually try to keep all of my ‘lives’ seperate and not cross-post, but I’m going to break the rules for today.   Below is the video for my latest piano release, “Orbit: A Love Story.”

We spend our lives orbiting around each other.   Some days, our gravity is huge and everyone wants to be around… Other days, friends rush away at escape velocity and are gone before we know it… Perhaps, if you are very lucky, you fall into a stable orbit with another and it can only be love…

Love is universal and attraction often fate and gravity.

Think about the piano differently. Better in headphones!

Image Credits: Hubble Space Telescope / NASA / The GigaGalaxy Zoom Project / etc.

Animations created in Celestia

Music available on iTunes/Amazon/ CDBaby /etc.

You have always been here. Bonus points for naming the planet at the end!

Also, check out the “Love & Gravity” Sweepstakes Facebook Page and
enter for a chance to win some limited edition NASA art prints!

Thanks for all the support and positive feedback!! 🙂

Robert Peckyno

About Robert Peckyno

For more information about me, visit http://www.pecknotes.com
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