Rise and fall of underwater volcano revealed by sonar

More great stuff from the researchers studying Monowai and undersea volcanism near Tonga.  In a period of less than a month, researchers noted “huge changes” in the height of the volcano – according to a recent article in Nature Geoscience  (Watts, A.B., Peirce, C., Grevemeyer, I., Paulatto, M., Stratford, W., Bassett, D., Hunter, J., Kalnins, L., de Ronde, C. & Lamarche, G. 2012. Rapid rates of growth and collapse at Monowai submarine volcano, Kermadec arc. Nature Geoscience)  

3d image of MonowaiThis research into the Monowai volcano provides a fascinating insight into the little-known world of submarine geology.  You can read more and view a 360 degree model of the changes at this webpage from BBC News

This is the same group that showed us an entire chain of mountains marching to subduction at the Pacific / Indo-Australian plate boundary in 2011.   You can read that full article here.

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