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Volcanic News of interest and note from around the world.

Volcanic Flood Plains on Mercury

“For more than 35 years we have been uncertain about the role of volcanic activity on Mercury,” said James W, Head III, professor of geological sciences at Brown University. But no more. The MESSENGER team confirmed, in a recent Science … Continue reading

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Nyamuragira continues to erupt

NASA’s Earth Observatory has just posted some great images of Africa’s Nyamuragira volcano and new lava flow produced by the latest activity there.  As the Eruptions! blog noted in November, this volcano is remote and poses no threat to people … Continue reading

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What is a hot spot and what is a mantle plume??

Several folks have written in after seeing the news reports of lava in Hawaii flowing through the Royal Gardens Subdivision past the house of Jack Thompson, the only remaining resident…  (The flow is approximately 500 yards away from his home…I … Continue reading

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Katla Rumbles…

Katla fissure vents are part of the larger Eldgja system in Iceland. Fissures are elongated fractures or cracks that typically produce liquid flows.  In fact, the eruption at Eldgja in ~935 AD lasted 3-8 years and produced 19.6 cubic km … Continue reading

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2009 Altiplano Sample Gallery

In November of 2009, the Volcano World team and colleagues travelled to the high desert region of Chile, known as the Altiplano, to research and sample the volcanoes, domes, ignimbrites, and ancient lava flows that are abundant across the area. … Continue reading

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Puyehue Continues to disrupt

 On June 4th, after being dormant for 50 years, Puyehue volcano (in Chile) began to erupt with vigor throwing ash more than 6 miles (10km) into the sky.  Activity is ongoing and is still disrupting flights all over South America.  More … Continue reading

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Uturuncu Rapidly Inflating

Several news agencies around the world have picked up on the story that Uturuncu volcano is rapidly inflating.  Recent INSAR studies have shown that Uturuncu is inflating at a rate of 1 to 2 cm per year over a 70 … Continue reading

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