Puyehue Continues to disrupt

Volcanic Lightning at Puyehue

Volcanic Lightning at Puyehue 06/05/2011. Photo by Claudio Santana (AFP/Getty)

 On June 4th, after being dormant for 50 years, Puyehue volcano (in Chile) began to erupt with vigor throwing ash more than 6 miles (10km) into the sky.  Activity is ongoing and is still disrupting flights all over South America.  More than 30 fights in Uruguay and Argentina faced cancelations on Tuesday due to remnants of Chile’s volcanic ash.

A full set of absolutely amazing images (such as the one to the right) can be found at the Atlantic.   For more information on Volcanic Lightning, check out this lesson on VW.

How big is this eruption??   Eric Kelmetti, over at the Eruptions blog, has posted a great and detailed explanation of the eruption volume and rate.

The eruption has also spread ash far and wide disrupting air travel and blanketing towns.   More information on the dangers of volcanic ash can be found on this excellent USGS website.   For those living in or around volcanoes, here is a great pamphlet on how to prepare from the Washington State Emergency Management Division.

Ash covers a vehicle in Southern Argentina
Ash covers a vehicle in Southern Argentina. Taken 06/05/11 by Alferdo Leiva.

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