Renewed Activity and Impending Eruption (of new cool stuff)!!

Here it is, two years later, and so much has happened in the past two years since the last post.  Now that I’m no longer at OSU, I going to revive this blog and there shall be new updates starting today!!   Stop back soon for more interesting information and an eruption of new news from the world of volcanoes!

Some things to remember…

1.  Volcano World ( is still going strong at Oregon State, and the weekly GVP eruption reports, which are now distributed from the Smithsonian via a RSS site feed, can be found on VW at

2.  The promised 2009 and 2010 tours of South American volcanoes can be found at:

3.  The FAQ’s were organized and the top 80 questions can be found at:

4.  This blog has no official connection to Oregon State University beyond that I still volunteer with VW there unofficially.


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