Rainfall induced pyroclastic flow

Small pyroclastic flow in the Tar River Valley

Small pyroclastic flow in the Tar River Valley Image Credit: Caribbean Net News


The Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) reported that:

There was a rainfall-induced pyroclastic flow early on the morning of 25 August 2008. The wind direction was to the North at the time, and ashfall was reported from most of Montserrat.

The flow occurred at approximately 1:10 am local time, after almost one hour of heavy rainfall. The flow was on the western flank of the volcano and lasted for less than 15 minutes. The flow split into two parts. The larger part travelled towards Lee’s Yard, but did not go as far as the flow on 28 July 2008. The other part of the flow travelled in the direction of  Plymouth, but stopped before Amersham Estate.

At the time of the flow, the wind was blowing towards the North so there was a strong smell of volcanic gases in most areas of Montserrat. The smell of gases continued to be noticeable throughout the night.

Ashfall was moderate. There was a heavy dusting of dark wet ash in Salem, Olde Town and Olveston. Smaller amounts of ashfall were reported from most of Montserrat, including the airport.

For more information, visit the MVO homepage at:  http://www.mvo.ms/  



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