I have been using your volcano website for several years for my online course (Intro Physical Geography), but since your server switch, the page on Mt. Pelee doesn’t seem to have the second page URL connected correctly. Also there are some small link errors on the page. Can you help and get this fixed? Your website is a tremendous resource and I very much appreciate the effort that you put into it. Thanks so much for making it available.



Thanks for the support!   It’s great to hear from teachers that use VW to supplement their classroom teaching! 

When we switched the servers over to the new website and location, pretty well everything broke!   Most of the site has been redone/rebuilt but, one of the last things has been to go through each of the volcano pages one by one and fix them.   To date, I had only made it through ‘M’ so I hadn’t got to Pelee yet!  (doh!)

I have just finished fixing them both @




Thank you again for the email and support!    I hope to have everything completely fixed by the end of the summer!  

If you find any other problems or have specific pages you need for your class, feel free to write me back and I will bump them to the top of the list. 



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