Is there any clothing to protect you from spray or splash contact of lava?

Just the radiant heat from a big lava flow is enough to burn you badly–you don’t even have to touch it.  Radiant heat is heat that you feel from a distance. For example, if your oven is on and you open the door, you feel heat even if you don’t reach in and touch the hot coils. Many times geologists will wear those big reflective silver suits that firefighters also wear. See ( for an example)   These won’t protect you if you actually touch the lava but they will protect you from the radiant heat.   However, geologists sometimes only need to be close to a lava flow or vent for a short time to collect a lava or gas sample. In these cases they may decide that they can do without the big silver suit (which is clumsy, stuffy, and hard to see out of), and just wear long sleeves or perhaps a flight suit.


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