Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

Based on observations during overflights, and web camera views when weather permitted, HVO reported that during 20-26 February activity from Kilauea’s fissure segment D was concentrated at the Thanksgiving Eve Breakout (TEB) shield and satellitic shields to the E and SE. A lava flow from the shields traveled E towards Kalalua. A pahoehoe lava flow from the SE rootless shield was observed 250 m S of the northern boundary of the Royal Gardens subdivision during an overflight on 20 February. During 25-26 February, lava flows advanced through the subdivision. Diffuse incandescence was observed in Pu’u ‘O’o crater through the fume during 20-22 February. Earthquakes were located E of and beneath Halema’uma’u crater, along the S-flank faults, beneath the summit, N of the summit, and along the SW rift zones.

Source: US Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory – “Reports provided courtesy of the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program and the US Geological Survey’s Volcano Hazards Program.”


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